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Is there any lady in Big Brother Africa history as open as Ms. Karen Igho? Even Big Brother commended her openness that day! It was 25th July, 12:47 CAT when I accidentally tuned in to my DSTV Mobile phone (Nokia 5330). It was another engaging Chat session between Karen and Biggie and I was nearly moved to tears when this strong, beautiful, selfless and honest lady recounted her ordeals in life.

Karen Igho, 27, from Delta State, Nigeria, came into the Big Brother Amplified Show on 1st May, 2011 like 25 other housemates. Now, there is one thing that happens every year and that is, audiences acrossAfrica always look out forNigeria’s representative(s) inAfrica’s most vaunted Reality TV show. Interestingly, though Lovina Longpet was the first to be introduced on stage, I think (from the flurry of SMS strap, Facebook/Twitter updates, media comments and commentaries) Karen stole the Show that night! From that day on,Africa saw a leading amplified personality (reminiscent of Uti Nwachukwu). She is one boundlessly vivacious lass that never minces her words when it comes to being herself.

In this part of the world where most girls retain their emotional and social identities; bringing out fictitious personas, it is nearly impossible to know a real lady and her game. For Karen, this is not her story. From Day 1, she made it clear that “Africawill be seeing the real me!”. Also, her Chat room sessions were the most fascinating and touching. In most cases, she poured out her heart in between sobs, telling us how difficult housemates were finding her. This is one lady that found herself in the midst of backstabbers, gossipmongers, boss ladies and selfish “friends” accusing her of causing tensions in Big Brother house. At a point, it was glaring that these accusations were undisguised strategies to get at her. I particularly remembered the Bhoke and Karen “Fight night”. She also had fights with Confidence, Ernest, Kimberly, Luclay, Millicent, Vimbai and Vina. In these conflicts, however, she was usually the first to apologise. This she did to unburden her effervescent spirit!



When I tuned in to my mobile today, Karen was with Biggie. This Chat room session was spectacular for housemates, soAfricawas expecting them to discuss anything we never knew about them for 85 days. Karen discussed a lot about her life’s ordeals. From being brought up by her grandma at age 9, her impecunious days, sleeping in the colds, to her botched 5-year old marriage, mother-daughter spats, being sex-starved and “playing with herself” while in Big Brother house, this lady said it warts and all unlike other housemates!

Is there any lady in Big Brother history as open as Karen Igho? Even Big Brother commended her openness! I was neared to tears knowing that she really passed through a lot in life and yet still maintained that fortitudinous deportment through out her stay in the Big Brother Show. From my analysis, there will be no “Karen Igho” personality in light years to come! Leaving such an indelible mark on Big Brother Africa 6 will be regarded as some phenomenon!


Looking forward to the BIG BROTHER AFRICA’S PARTY at Chrome tonight!



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