RULE I: Be a model of your own style everywhere you go!

Nothing outclasses bespoke suits (or shirts). They add glam to any ultra modern man's panache.

It’s quite unfortunate that most young guys don’t have the requisite panache (style) to boost their public persona. Truth is, ladies dress better than men any day, anytime! An average Nigerian lady knows the nitty-gritty of dressing for any event, while most men have this execrable dress sense. I loathe this attitude in some men. I sat down somewhere to churned out these tips for the guys (and gals that want to change the way their men dress)! I hope this blog will serve its purpose!

ACCESSORIES: This is one fashion item a man must not ignore. Accessories have a way of accentuating your garbs no matter how “cheap” they may look. From your ear-studs, necklaces, pocket squares, ties, cravats, wrist watches down to your belts, all these boost one’s public image!
TIPS: If you’re wearing a suit/shirt without tie, a silver or white gold chain is ideal if you’re dark in complexion.

BEARDS: Back in my days in University, I use to keep a goatee; all that’s gone now. Nowadays, it’s more dapper to have a “P. Diddy look” than a “Rick Ross’” look!
TIPS: Visit your hairstylist/”barber” at least once in 3 weeks.

Do ladies really fall for heavily bearded men? Guys, your guess is as good as mine!

COLOURS: Most men have problem with colours when it comes to dressing. I once spotted one washed-out bloke at a night event, wearing a red shirt, navy blue suit and brown shoes (with black belt!) Which kine swag be that nah?
To the issue in question, colours like white, black, navy blue, grey, pink, to mention but a few, are must-haves for the ultra modern man.

This snazzy pink shirt (and the matching tie) will go a looong way to get you compliments from ladies!

TIPS: Never wear a bright coloured suit for an all day event!

EVENTS: Events/occasions have a way of dictating what one wears. Therefore, what you wear for an official engagement should be distinctly different from what you’d wear if you’re having a soiree (with friends)!
TIPS: Try wearing a smile in any public event you find yourself. This could sway a bevy of ladies around you.

PHONES: Having a fashionable high-end mobile device is optional. It’s interesting to note that such phones play a subtle role in upping the ante of your public persona. For occasions like weddings, red carpet events like Awards/Premieres, BlackBerry or any QWERTY-styled phone is ideal. Touchscreens and clamshells phones may be ideal for work and/or travel.
TIPS: Never leave your phone in ringtone mode in public events. Leave it on silent when leaving home.

SCENTS: Guys, you need not have the “scent of a woman” or “aboki” to attract attention! I recall a young teacher in my secondary school wore this putrid scent to class every time. I kept wondering if such “fragrance” was made from cow piss! All scents emanating from you should, ideally be masculine! Woody, fresh and fruity scents all create pleasant auras everywhere you go. For an all day event, a scent like Givenchy (Pour Homme or Play), Hugo Boss, YSL, BVLGARI, etc. For working days, try YSL (Opium). For church, weddings, switch to milder scents like YSL (Kouros). For soirees, play with fruity fragrances. Gals are better than guys in this department. So seek the advice of your gal. If you don’t have any gal, see Hugh Hefner for one!

Fruity scents like these Givenchy's are cool. However, woody scents have better silage.

TIPS: Please guys, learn to wear a good anti-perspirant deodorant for obvious reasons. For more on scents, see my blog: “WHAT FRAGRANCE ARE YOU, BRO?”

SHADES/SPECS: We do ask God for sunny days once in a while. And for those of us on the sunny side of life, we need ultraviolet shades! They are of different types. Walk into a good boutique, you’ll find your spec!
TIPS: If you’re wearing a brown attire/shoes, sum it up with a brown monochrome shades. Gals like guys that experiment on colour-themed dress sense.

SHIRTS: Basically, we have casual and dress shirts. I’ll focus on the latter for now.
A dress shirt is one you wear with a tie and/or suit. They are usually 100% cotton. It’s advisable to have at least 3 white (dress) shirts and some shades of pink. Also, having shirts with colours like lilac, blue, lemon, black, ash, sky blue, navy blue, should be cautiously matched with accessories of similar hues.
TIPS: Never wear a short-sleeve shirt with tie/suit! That’ll be a bit provincial of you!

SHOES: One sure thing that makes gals admire us is shoes (and of course our well-groomed outlook and panache too)! It’s only wise for one to have at least 3 pairs of black leather shoes. Then you can talk of buying brogues, sneakers, moccasins, loafers, trainers, later.
TIPS: When wearing a suit, it’s only ideal to wear a moderately black pointed shoes (with lace). In the case of dressing in smart casual, a pair of sneakers will do.

WARDROBE: From the foregoing, the following items are a must-have for any ultra modern man:
Cufflinks, studs, skinny belts/ties, matching pocket squares, tie pins, gold or white gold neck chains, wrist watches.

Nothing sways a lady (or ladies) than a man that oozes sartorial panache.

A good collection of perfumes/deodorants.
A good collection of shades.
A good collection of shoes.
A good collection of suits.
A good collection of shirts
Something white in: sneakers, belts, shirts, blazer/matchin’ pants.
Something pink in ties, shirts, boxers, briefs, jockstraps.
Something black in: shoes, belts, shirts, ties.
And of course your Orbit gum (though this is optional).

The whole idea is to make sure one has an idea of what to wear in any given event/occasion. Most importantly, learn to ooze confidence like Uti Nwachukwu always does!

RULE II: Follow the trend, but create your style.

Enlisting the help of a seasoned stylist goes a long way. Pictured here is Dimeji Alara, one of Africa's renown stylists.


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  1. Wow dis is rily an up to date standard of appearance
    Thumbs up on dis mehn!!!

  2. Kool…..Well written…Pics will doo magic to this..Some dont get the bad colour mix until they see the difference.. So plz add examples in pics….

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