Pink is not just a colour, it’s an attitude –ANONYMOUS

In most BCA ads, models are made to wear pink hues.

Each time I spot the colour pink in fashion magazines, brochures, billboards, leaflets, one of the things that readily comes to mind is “Breast Cancer Awareness”. It’s an incontrovertible fact that the “pink ribbon” is an internationally recognized symbol of awareness in the fight against breast cancer. I read a lot of female-oriented magazines and these things crop up once in awhile. But how I got to this ingrained “mental picture” about pink (as a BCA colour) is inexplicable. It’s only of recent that I decided to disabuse myself of this “mental picture” about pink! Truth is, real men think pink! Let’s see what this post holds for us as we tackle this “issue”!

This warm colour can be worn at any given ocassion anywhere!

Pink isn’t a feminine colour as most men are wont to think. Until we (men) accept this fact, the ladies will continue to create beautiful impressions with this colour! Yes. I know culturally, ladies are known for pink garbs, daps, blabs and slaps, this doesn’t accentuate the fact that pink is purely theirs. I think this is one too many a “feminine” misconception about the colour pink in the world of fashion today. Too bad, mehn!

A model in a snazzy pink shirt with ruched frills

Hence, it’s fashionably daring for men, REAL MEN to be spotted in something pink. I can assure you, no one will pelt eggs or stones at you if you spot a pink dress shirt or polo! I have been there before! In fact, it was more of a confidence thing wearing the colour!


Pink is one colour that births over 37 exceptional shades and hues! Interestingly, each of these colours are so unique! From the vibrant amaranth pink, cerise, coral pink to the hot pink, lavender pink, carmine, fuchsia, magenta, mauve, puce, rose, ruby to mention but a few, all these hues offer men a wide spectrum to experiment. When it’s time to dress, these hues must be picked and matched effectively.

Bespoke tea rose shirt with kente tie. Perfect concept. Perfect match

 For instance, the top 5 best colours for dark complexioned men are: lavender pink, hot pink, mauve, salmon pink and tea rose. For accessories like ties, cravats, pocket squares, cufflinks, you could blend “spicy” hues with mild ones, say a lavender pink shirt + puce accessories (and vice versa), magenta tie + amaranth pink shirt (and vice versa).

So men, it’s high time we start picking (and experimenting) shirts, ties, cravats, pocket squares, sneakers with pink shades and hues. This will give us a refreshingly elegant look, especially if it is a wedding occasion! Like I said earlier, I have experimented it! You are not going to look fashion-backward. I can assure you of this, ladies will be swayed by your dapper look (even if it’s a pink t-shirt or polo) provided the required confidence and exotic fragrance is intact!

Suave Will Smith in a body hugging tee


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2 comments on “REAL MEN THINK PINK

  1. I like pink for guyS… It cn b worn in a masculine way. But ⌣̊┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥D̶̲̥̅̊ dude with ruffles on his pink shirt? Dats just gay joor

    • Lol… That was funny, ur comments on d guy wt “ruffles on his pink shirt”. But I think, his feminine pose worsened matters! Lol… Tanx 4 ur comments.

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