“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”  -SOPHIA LOREN (Actress)

After spending months trying my heart out with these tips, I ultimately realized that fashion ideas and ideals for any ultra modern lady can never be exhaustive! I combed through fashion magazines, read fashion views and reviews just to sieve out something tangible. Despite the eclectic taste ladies have for fashion, they all have one thing in common and that is: looking good. Being a “keen observer” of trends, I’ve decided to come up with this post.
ACCESSORIES: A lady that goes out without a piece of accessory is like a cake without icing. Accessories remain one timeless fashion item a lady mustn’t ignore. From anklets, bangles, beaded necklaces, bracelets, cocktail rings, earrings, to statement jewelries, belts, hairpins, all these add glam to your persona.

TIPS: If you’re wearing a strapless or asymmetrical gown, de-accessorize by not wearing any necklace.

COLOURS: Ideally, red is a classic colour for ladies. However, this colour must be worn sparingly for special events. For instance, it could be worn for movies premieres, weddings but not parties! Other colours for ladies include (but not limited to) beige, blue, caramel, turquoise, all pink hues, lilac, cream, lemon, peach white and black.
TIPS: On a good day, it is best to experiment the monochrome theme (with limited accessories though). This will however, depend on the occasion.
EVENTS: Events/occasions have a way of dictating what one wears. If you’re a party freak, as a lady you should indulge more in smart casual wears. Each occasion is unique and you must live up to expectations by making a statement with your garb.
TIPS: On a first date, avoid livid colours like red, yellow, fuchsia, etc. These colours tend to suggest that you’re desperate!

Not a few ladies care about their public persona. In a church service last year, I spotted this lady with sleeveless sky blue dress with deep blue heels and a matching clutch. Perfect, isn’t it? As service wore on, she lifted her hand to worship the “King of Glory” and I spotted something inglorious under her armpits. My admiration for her dissipated! She didn’t shave the hairs under her armpits and she wore a sleeveless dress? Jeez!
TIPS: Hairs should be a lady’s worst enemy and the best weapon to fight it isn’t a shaving stick please. Try Immac or Veet hair removal products.

Mobile devices with the feminine feel double as a fashion item. Phones with the “feminine feel” include (but not limited to): Samsung Omnia II, LG Prada, Bold 2 and Storm 1. For the über chic lady, these phones are recommended: Nokia N900, Nokia E7, HTC HD2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, S/Ericsson X12, Blackberry Playbook, BB Torch (white), Bold 4 (white) and Storm 3. Oh well, need I mention the Vertus and iPads?
TIPS: On the issue of “diamond studded” phones, you need not imitate the Kardashians Sisters to get noticed. A simple sticker with a top designer hologram will do!

This is one department most ladies are better-off than blokes. As in, they know what fragrance to wear at every material occasion. Interestingly, some ladies are switching to male colognes. But it’s good to observe the olfactory notes first before picking male colognes. For instance scents like One Million (by Paco Rabanne), Opium (by YSL), Play Intense (Givenchy) may be best for older ladies.
TIPS: If you’re in search of a shop in Lagos or Abuja for your top fragrances, your best bet is Montaigne’s Place. Call Funmi on: 08064863969.

For those sunny days, sunglasses are indispensable if you’re lounging outdoors. The ones in vogue are the classic aviator glasses and ‘Jackie O’ glasses (accredited eponymously to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis).Also, having the “geek chic” look is fashionably edgy for svelte ladies! However, only discerning ladies know that it’s all about your physiognomic features before trying any of these cool shades on.

The 'geek chic' is edgy for svelte ladies

TIPS: For any knee length floral gown you’re wearing, aviator sunglasses fit well if you’re tall with high cheek bones.

A white shirt will do for your office work or any formal or semi-formal event. Ideally, all shirts should be fitted.
TIPS: Avoid using coloured deodorants if you’re wearing white shirts. Many ladies do this mistake.

This is one timeless fashion item ladies will keep buying at the slightest opportunity. Nearly all ladies (irrespective of their social stratum) are into shoes.

CL statement heels

From Jimmy Choos, Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin to David Wyatt, Emilio Pucci, Tory Burch, Nicola Finetti, Betty Jackson, Duchess, ladies will keep stockpiling their collections notwithstanding the price tags! On the casual scene, gladiator sandals are ideal. Examples include: platform, heeled, high heeled front zip, punkstlye and “ankle booty” gladiators. Also in vogue is TOMS for ladies.
TIPS: Never wear high heels from house to office. Wearing a flip-flop is advisable for ease of movement.

For want of space and time, I’ll not dwell much on this because a typical lady’s wardrobe can never contain her wishes. But an ultra modern lady’s wardrobe should have a combination of these items:
-Handbags, clutchbags
-Make up kits (bronzers inclusive)
-Boxes of jewelries and first-aid
-Sandals, heels, sneakers
-Bottles of perfumes (whether filled, half-filled or empty)
-Wrist watches
-Suits, jackets
-Evening gowns, tops
-Shirts (cotton are best)
-Shorts (boy and/or bum shorts)
-Jeans (ripped, non-ripped, skinny, bootcut, etc)
-Undies, candies, panties, paddies and many other stuff I’d rather not put in print!
Truth is, some of the aforementioned items serve ornamental purposes. So, ladies don’t toy with your wardrobe!

On a final note ladies, learn to “keep your friends close, but your wardrobe closer!”


About Mr. Cornells

A fashion blogger and stylist with an inextinguishable zeal for fashion. Founder/Editor-in-Chief, www.PassionistaHub.com. Catch me on Twitter @itsMrCornells

6 comments on “THE ULTRA MODERN LADY

  1. lol @ empty perfume bottles

  2. Cornells nice piece!! So on point!

  3. Well written piece.. Fashion is simple yet hard o.. One can only keep trying..

    • You’re so right, my dear. And again, anything “new” we see today, is merely a recycled style of yester years. Our parents can attest to this.

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