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One thing that enamours me about a lady is the fashion statement conveyed by the dress she wears. And guess what? Dresses from animal prints are known for their exquisite fashion statements. These dresses exude loads of classiness! Ladies that wear this piece usually stand out in the crowd, be it a day or night event. For instance, at a night event few months back, sultry A-list actress, Genevieve Nnaji was spotted in a monochrome animal print that really flattered her curvaceous silhouette! It was a classy look to behold!

Genevieve Nnaji at "Fashion Meets Runway", 2011

Now, there’s a question. If an urbane man wears outfits that suitably buoys his panache, why can’t a lady wear some sexy garb that harps on her sensuality? It’s for this reason I feel that animal prints can give ladies the requisite sensual and feminine looks capable of making men drool.

Over the years, fashion houses particularly Dolce & Gabbana, have always seen animal prints as a staple of fashion must-have for ladies regardless of their age. Nowadays, a discerning lady isn’t shy to try this bold item to any social event or ceremony. For instance, the 2011 VMAs saw celebrities like Ms. Huntington-Whiteley, Lily Collins, Reese Witherspoon,  Lil Wayne to mention but a few, spotting animal prints.

I did a few checks on celebs that wore animal prints in recent times and I have come with these five (5) picks! It is rated from #5 downwards. Please note that the so-called “rating” is the blogger’s view. You are entitled to your opinions and ratings. In fact, you could just drop your comments, telling us who’s your #1 or #5. But enjoy my rating for now!

With this perfect red strapless A-line dress, graceful EVA MENDES caught the attention of her numerous fans, co-stars, guests and paparazzi alike at Venice Film Festival. However, my honest opinion is, wearing red on a Red Carpet makes this look somewhat loud. Moreso, next time I’d love to see a dress that flatters her curves in right places! So for now, she’s our #5.

This look is perfect for weddings, dinner dates and Red Carpet events. But it’s advisable that a lady wearing this should pick a milder colour.

Another impressive animal print dress was worn by American model-cum-actress BROOKLYN DECKER. The Event in question took place in New York and it was the premier of “Just Go With It“, a 2011 romantic comedy. Everything about the dress is in place and shape! She pulled this really well and this earns her #4. Not too bad, right?

This look is perfect for movie premieres, cinemas and any other semi-formal event.

Sultry, talented actress KERRY WASHINGTON spotted this see-through dress! With her well-balanced coiffure sitting right on her shoulders, this really gave her a demure look. The dress was just on point for the movie premiere of “The Tillman Story”, 2009. For this, she earns the position of #3.

This look is perfect for any soiree, cinemas and Red Carpet events.

At #2 is the very inimitable fashionista, model, actress and musician, BEYONCE KNOWLES. love the fact that she took the risk by accessorizing heavily (ideally, accessories are not to be worn on animal prints dresses). Another thing that caught my attention is her simple sandals and the flesh she flaunted as well.

This look is perfect for shopping, cinemas, beach and leisure.

If anyone ever told me that the concept of “colour-blocking” works well on animal prints dresses, I’d be laughing out loud back then! But check out this! This is one realistic fashion statement ever made on an animal print dress! Curvaceous singer, ROBYN “RIHANNA” FENTY pulled this fabulously well as this sits well on her body! I don’t know if she would have worn this any better! And please note how the brown (top) and red (skirt) are in harmony. To me, she deserves the #1 position. Or what do you think?

This look is very perfect for clubbing, soirees, Red Carpet events, shopping, cinemas, charity, luncheons, dinner dates and any other semi-formal event.

On a final note, leopard and tiger prints will always be in vogue for decades to come irrespective of the generation of trendoids. Reason being that it is a timeless and classic piece. And to the discerning ladies out there, they need not be told that this is the trend-du-jour as we approach Christmas Season. I hope some reader will try this out soon!

Have a trendy week!


Andrew H. Walker

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images








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  1. actually riri’s is a dress nt a skirt and top combo……….i concur wit no 3 downwards…..the other 2 am nt 2 sure.

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