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If you’re an ardent follower of Nigerian fashion and you’re in the scheme of things, cast your mind back to 2006. What can you recall? Did anything spectacular occur that year? Yes. So many things occurred and the most spectacular of them all was the berth of BELLA NAIJA, an online Fashion & Entertainment portal. Ever since BN entered the online fashion scene, e-magazines and fashion blogs have remained a staple for numerous Netizens in Nigeria and beyond. Interestingly, you don’t have to be “fashion-forward” to appreciate the contents/packages of Bella Naija.
So, who’s this leading online personality called “Bella Naija”?

Born in 1984, Uchenna Eze had her formative years in Nigeria before leaving for Canada in her teens. A graduate of Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, while waiting to resume her plum job at SHELL BP, Canada in 2006, she made a spur-of-the-moment decision that later turned out to revolutionize fashion blogging in Nigeria (and by extension, the Diaspora). Note, this happened at a time when well-established fashion magazines had 0% online presence in the country. Despite the fact that she met crunching challenges, (chief among them being the devastatingly epileptic power supply), she kept the faith.

Speaking of Nigeria’s fashion firmament, I’ve never seen a lady so smart, bold, beautiful, patient, decent, amiable & industrious like Uche. These attributes have helped in molding her to what she is today! She’s widely traveled with keen eyes for details. Have you ever thought of this. If she chose that plum job at SHELL back in 2006, where would she be by now in the blogosphere or online fashion & entertainment sector? At the moment, BN is currently ranked #52! I can now understand why Oprah saw a need to get her on her show in April 2010 and five months later, CNN featured her on their i-List programme!

All these milestones aren’t strokes of “luck”. I think it’s her faith in God that brought her this far. Now that her Fashion & Entertainment portal is 5 years, there’s no need contemplating whether Bella Naija is a primus inter pares. I’ve gained immensely from this online personality and I’m proud of her in all ramifications.
The CEO of BainStone Limited is currently engaged to the suave computer guru Bode Pedro, CEO of VEDA TECHNOLOGY and they will be getting married soon.

May God bless their union.

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