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I’m continuing from where I stopped last month. If you did not see the previous “Facts and Figures” post, you can view amongst my September posts to read it. Today, we will be looking at the recent DKNY+Martin Katz deal, RMD’s full names, world’s most expensive mascara, why it’s ideal to wear UV glasses always, to mention but a few.

Happy reading!

-Leonardo di Caprio is currently the world’s highest paid actor. In 2010 alone, he earned $77m in one movie (and this doesn’t even include endorsements from top Fashion brands).
-A minute of kissing is capable of burning 26 calories.
-DKNY recently teamed up with Martin Katz (celeb jeweller) to produce the world’s most expensive perfume bottle. The bottle comprises 3,000 precious stones. Price? Well, I’d say it’s priceless (pun intended).
-RMD, one of Nigeria’s most fashionable actors has his FULL names as: Richard Wedson Eyimofe Enagwolor Evans Williams Edemajo Damijo.
-Constant use of  “diet pills” leads to severe long term illness like ulcer.
-A tube of mascara containing 2,500 Blue Diamonds decorations, is now the most expensive mascara. It’s worth $14m only.
-The aim of harem pants is to add curves to ladies that are skinny.
-Even on cloudy days, it’s advisable to use sunscreen. The Sun’s UV rays can penetrate dark clouds to damage your skin.
-Damien Hirst-Levi’s pair of “Spin jeans” is valued at $27,000 making it the world’s most expensive jeans.
-Julia Roberts’ L-Oreal ad was banned from UK recently because of “excessive airbrushing and digital manipulation”.



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