If there’s someone that has a “world record” for collection of shoes, it could arguably be a former first lady. It’s a trite fact that she was a fashion slave, compulsive shopaholic, devastatingly stylish and most memorably, a shoe “phreak”! Roughly, about 5400 shoes were found in her collection when she and her husband were booted out of office in 1986! This person is IMELDA R. MARCOS.

But do I need to eulogize her “legacy”? I’m thinking of doing just that. One, she revolutionize the art of shoe collection. Every chick I visit these days has a “collection” of some sort!  Two, Mrs Marcos was instrumental to a style called “power-dressing” in women. Finally, she engaged in shopping sprees. In fact she once spent about $5m shopping in New York, Rome & Copenhagen. That’s why these days, I see shopping spree as a fashion proclivity most ladies are naturally inclined to do. Thanks to Imelda!

Being a keen observer of trends, I realized ladies do shopping alot on shoes. And amongst shoes, premium is placed on high heels. I know this! Heels are crucial. Heels stand out in an inimitable way. They glamourize a lady’s “collection”.
Without much ado, sit back and enjoy the fascinating photos below. They are my top 10 classy heels for the month. And for the hemetic gals around, please it’s high time you get heeled.


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About Mr. Cornells

A fashion blogger and stylist with an inextinguishable zeal for fashion. Founder/Editor-in-Chief, www.PassionistaHub.com. Catch me on Twitter @itsMrCornells

7 comments on “LADIES, GET HEELED!

  1. Nice but they’re nicer shoes out there. Just saying…

  2. am nt on bb…….i nid a number.

    • Ok, Dazzy. What I’ll do is to contact a friend who knws him. Hopefully, she’ll gimme the bloke’s digits. Thanks 4 ur comments.

  3. Nice piece… Wish I could walk on dose ryt now.. Lovely shoes!!

  4. I want these… Um, yes… All of them!!! 😉

    • Well, I know some1 who can help with the shoes, especially d “colour-blocked” heel. This is his pin 22115056. He sells anything but mostly shoes and bags.

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