Guys, here is another one! And it’s all about Hugo Boss today! Have you ever used a Hugo Boss cologne and receive compliments? Did the fragrance make you feel confident all day?

Well, I won’t make this post any gender-specific. But to some extent, it’s  going to be indirectly dedicated to the quintessential modern Nigerian lady. The men should not feel left out please; I am just creating an impression. Still on ladies, my picture of a “quintessential modern Nigerian lady” is one that’s a boss (without being obtrusively bossy). She’s a strong lady, full of energy. She’s one that’s dedicated to her vocation. Most importantly, she’s classy, sassy and passionate about fashion. If you are such a lady, then some masculine Hugo Boss scent is ideal for you.

Let’s see 7 selected perfumes. I picked them out based on the previews and reviews I read about them. Though there are sexier scents out there, but these ones are exotic enough to be noticed! I’ll also state their compositions (i.e. top, middle and base notes) as well. And please, if you are not a Boss enthusiast (I’m not really one anyway), visit my expository post on fragrances here: http://bit.ly/mVzmh8 .


My first pick is this limited 2005 woody scent. The makers of this perfume feel the targeted audience is the “dynamic self-assured young man” who has a confident mien. This suggests that young entrepreneurs and executives can try this on.

Top notes: fresh tangerine

Middle notes: cardamom, nutmeg, red pepper

Base notes: cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood

Overall notes: Excellent for the confident man. Nice pick for young career-minded ladies too.



Another nice scent for the quintessential confident man is Boss Soul. It was released in 2005 like Motion Green. Only few men know the effect
of this oriental fragrance.

Top notes: mandarin orange, anise, bergamot, pepper and cardamom

Middle notes: lavender, nutmeg and coriander

Base notes: Tonka bean, amber, musk vanilla and vetiver

Overall notes: Strictly for the playful man. Being an oriental fragrance, this may be okay for discerning ladies


A friend in Abuja once recommended this 2008 scent to me. I quickly did my findings and here’s what I found. The concept of Boss Pure is inspired by the power and purity of water and it is a refreshingly modern fragrance.

Top notes: fig water, Mediterranean water, citrus

Middle notes: Lily and hyacinth

Base notes: Massoia wood

Overall notes: Good for the adventurous man. Ladies, this really isn’t your ish, but it’s worth trying.


This feminine fragrance focuses on the “urban, natural, modern woman” with a strong personality and energy. This is ideal for both young and old ladies alike.

Top notes: sweet apple

Middle notes: white flowers, orange

Base notes: Olive wood, sandalwood and creamy vanilla

Overall notes: This 2009 scent is very ideal for a “feminine” lady. Also, the bi-curious lady can get it too. It’s available in 30, 50 and 75ml bottles.


Another beautiful perfume for ladies is XX Summer. The idea behind the making of this fragrance is the everyday boy/girl relationships we encounter. The fragrance evokes femininity and sensuality.

Top notes: Quince

Middle notes: jasmine petal and apricot

Base notes: sandalwood

Overall notes: This limited 2009 Edition is available in 60 and 100ml bottles. Ladies with kind hearts will love this. This is ideal for our moms.


The idea behind the production of this perfume is the picturesque of romantic summer evenings with red sunsets. In fact, the flacon itself seems to suggest this. The 2010 fragrance is very seductive.



Top notes: bergamot and mandarin

Middle notes: white flowers and tacts of rose

Base notes: vanilla and sandalwood

Overall notes: Being a seductive scent, ladies with “wild” hearts who know their games with men should try this. Available in 30, 50, 70ml bottles.


The Wool and Musk product is a collection of five (5) fragrances. It is unique in many ways. Guys, you need not ask what musk does to ladies’! Musk “appeal” TURN THEM ON, especially if you have this debonair looks, coupled with confidence!

This perfume is believed to be inspired by the feel and texture of classic Hugo Boss’ suits. A seductively-minded man must have this 2011 fragrance! It’s worth it! Available in 50ml bottle as a limited edition.


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  1. Hugo soul is absolutely fantabulous!! That’s wat am currently using!! Mr cornels big up urself!

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