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Amongst other definitions, colour blocking is generally regarded as “combining different colours that support and compliment each other” when wearing clothes and accessories. Well, the colours need not contrast to be seen as colour blocking. They need not conflict as well. It’s a concept that must be applied thoughtfully and skillfully. Maryam, a UK-based fashionista friend once noted: “You need to know how to skillfully play with colours to pull it off! If you ain’t got it, then please don’t bother”. She is alluding to the fact that most people make a mess of colours and call it “colour blocking”.
From what I have observed in recent months, ladies have better perceptiveness on colours than men. They apply it beautifully on their accessories, garbs, make-up and even hairdo. It’s an interesting trend in fashion circles now. So, it’s on this note I will be running a series on “COLOUR BLOCKING STYLES” this festive month. The colour wheel below may help you appreciate colours better.

See you next week.






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