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Monochrome has to do with one colour or different shades of one colour. It could be neutral colours like black, white or grey. Or for instance, azure, babyblue, cyan, skyblue, turquoise, etc which are all different shades of BLUE, or green, blue-green & yellow-green. These colours belong to the same “family” and are effortlessly complimentary when considering the monochrome blocking code.
To have a monochromatic blocking code, here are some simple tips:

* Start by liking colours, particularly the primary colours: Red, Green and Blue.

* Get one “solid” colour and try its shades. E.g, shades of red, blue, green, pink, etc

* For dark complexioned individuals, lighter hues should be on top, while darker hues should be below. E.g. colours like green and yellow-green may blend well as skirt and blouse respectively. For guys, blue-violet blazer goes well on a babyblue shirt.

* Accessories like pearls, heels, cufflinks, ties, cummerbunds, earrings, cocktail rings, etc should be a deeper shade. E.g. for a pink shirt on cerise pants, a magenta tie, cufflinks will be spot on!

* Enlist the help of a friend who’s a fashionista, stylist, designer, model. Also, the colour wheel below may be of help.

See you next week!




ELIE SAAB in "Colour Shock" monochrome catwalk display

ELIE SAAB monochrome collection

Excluding the black outfit, note the way 3 others are worn in monochrome tones




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