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Turn your swag on this season with a crew neck and muffler

Okay, I guess it is that wintry time of the year where harmattan takes charge of everything. It is that period of the year where sweaters are needed to make us feel comfy and warm. But I’ve got a question. Can’t we wear sweaters in a more fashionable way other than wearing it for warmth? Let’s briefly look at what a sweater is.

A sweater is a subtle blend of a cardigan and a pullover. It is that warm knitted piece of clothing worn on the upper part of the body. Though with various necklines in the market, the crew necks, turtlenecks and v-necks are the common types. Depending on the individual, sweaters can be worn stylishly anytime of the year. It can be worn to work, school, movies, or even for dinner dates. For some style tips, a man could get dressed in a close-fitting v-neck sweater and accessorize with skinny ties, bow ties, cufflinks etc. However, accessorizing won’t really work if wearing a crew neck or turtleneck. For ladies, a turtleneck is ideal if you’re putting on a “long hurl” necklace or sporting a crew neck with a nice dress shirt with its collar popping out.

Mr. Foxx sports a purple v-neck, opting for a tie and white shirt. However, a skinny tie would have been better!

A nice turtleneck, but with limited accessorizing options for men

For ladies, the turtleneck leaves one with many "options"

For guys, this look is ideal for dinner dates

Can a lady heading to club, rock in this? Of course!

So, for those of us directly or indirectly affected by the yearly cold and dry wind (harmattan), you now know there’s some way you can keep yourself cozy and snazzy. And you do this by simply trying out some snazzy sweater this Season!

Compliments of the Season.


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