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There’s no limit to one’s “adventure” on colours. As trendy as the concept is, colour blocking however, MUST BE done thoughtfully.

A colour blocking style of three or more palette colours is known as “trichromatic code”. This style is somewhat tricky; it involves a great deal of thoughtfulness. One has to be cautious when trying the “trichromatic code” to avoid jumbling colours together. The colours picked MUST compliment each other otherwise you’d look like a “human rainbow” or a Victorian court clown.
Here are some few tips:

* Being a difficult style, start by trying Dichromatic Blocking Code, and then blend it with a neutral or one solid colour. Eg. orange-yellow blouse on yellow-green skirt with a white or cream blazer.

* Accessories like pearls, clutch, architectural chokers, brooches, heels, rings, etc, should be worn minimally if you’re “blocking” with bright colours.

* For the curious ladies, pair something like gold belt or clutch, etc with your outfit when applying this colour-blocking style.

* Some people feel it’s better to have all 3 colours in one article of clothing. Eg. a dress with 3-tier peplum skirt of 3 different colours or an asymmetrical evening gown with 3-4 different colours stitched together.

* For the ladies, if you’re wearing a 1 colour fitted dress, pair it with different colours of accessories. E.g. a babyblue fitted short dress paired with white multi-layered pearls, blue-green belt and lustrous red heels. A blazer (with a shade of red, green or blue) may be optional.

* For light complexioned individuals, use dark colours to contrast with lighter ones.

* For dark complexioned people, apply light hues to compliment your skin. Eg. lighter hues of pink, red, green, etc are ideal.

* Consult the colour wheel below for a clearer picture. Also, your stylist or designer should help out for proper colour tips.

All 3 primary colours, red, green and blue can be “blocked” effectively using one’s garb and accessories.

Cheryl Cole in distinctive trichromatic blocking code

The black boyfriend jacket is cool on her bi-coloured tee, her red purse and heels with her ultramarine mini skirt. However, the black pantyhose isn’t necessary.

Ms. Fiberesima in colour blocked asymmtrical floor-length gown by Asandia Hogan

Ozwald Boateng, known for his “twist’ to British tailoring, plays with colours a lot on the runway.

Asandia Hogan Label, Designer
Beauty Jamaica Blog
Blessing “Bleggy” Nwokoro, fashion entrepreneur
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  1. good advice some people need it

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