Houndstooth dresses and accessories were one of the trends that rocked in 2011 (and it’s still rocking). According to an actress friend, houndstooth is “uber classy”. It’s a bold, timeless vintage number that look chic on anyone wearing it. However, few people out there have their reservations. A fashion stylist friend didn’t mince her words when I recently broached the topic with her. Her terse remark was houndstooth “just looks off”. Could it be the “Lady Gaga Factor”? We remember how “outrageous” Gaga was clad in houndstooth (head to toe)! Without much ado, let’s check out what this fabric is all about!

Also called “dogstooth” amongst other names, houndstooth is a duotone textile that’s 100% cotton. It is known for its broken checks in slanting pattern woven in 2:2 twill. A classic houndstooth is usually in black and white and a smaller print pattern is called “puppytooth”. Other colours like black on green, blue, brown, purple, red, etc. are also available in the market, but may be rare.

Depending on the individual, one can accessorize anything with a houndstooth garb. But caution must be taken not to do an overkill by wearing more than two houndstooth pieces as this print stands out very boldly. Houndstooth accessories are multifarious and they include mufflers, handbags, Wellington boots, mitts, phone pouches, hats, belts, pantyhose, clutch purses, boots, etc. There is no limit to what can you do or go with houndstooth!

Now, as for my friends with reservations for houndstooth, I will be giving style tips next week on how to rock houndstooth. I also hope to reach out to lovers of fashion who aren’t afraid to try out new trends. I don’t want to spill it all in one post!

So, see you guys next week! I’ll be expecting your comments and questions.

Happy New Year!


About Mr. Cornells

A fashion blogger and stylist with an inextinguishable zeal for fashion. Founder/Editor-in-Chief, www.PassionistaHub.com. Catch me on Twitter @itsMrCornells


  1. I can run with this trend. Good work!

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