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Alexander McQueen (1969-2010), a British designer and couturier was known for his unconventional twist and recherché creativity when anything fashion was involved. This especially applies to the collections of shoes churned out by the brand. Recently, I spotted the Spring/Summer Shoe Range by The House of Alexander McQueen and was completely blown away. For instance, a look at the black Baroque buckled boots (pictured above), is so pristine. It has intricate detailing on its buckles. The same complimentary remarks apply to the similarly designed gold/white shoes.

As for the collection of shoes below, it’s not far from the same virtuosity with which they were created.

TOP ROW: features black, gold and white ornately patterned wedges. My attention is particularly drawn to the gold number, which I’m sure will give shoe freaks butterflies in their tummies! It’s such an inimitable design!
BOTTOM ROW: has a white T-bar (like the ones on the top row) leather peeptoe heel, a tan wheat-inspired leather sandal and another T-bar peeptoe heel created like the white one. Without mincing words, these shoes are painstakingly exotic. They are ultra feminine too. Even though they may not be “functional” for glamour events, I think they deserve some reverence.

PS: Sarah Burton is behind the creation of these shoes. She recently won “Designer of the Year” at The British Fashion Awards, 2011.


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