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We all love LOVE. Well, I do – when it goes well that is.

Some may argue that you do not need a special day to show that someone love. I agree. But it’s like saying you don’t need to wait till Sunday to appreciate God’s blessings and show gratitude. You (should) do that everyday, but on Sunday you go the extra mile to show gratitude. Same with Val’s Day.

In my opinion, Val’s Day should be a national holiday. Especially with the current situation of our dear country- the whole north-south, christian-muslim affair. We should all just get together and MAKE LOVE NOT WAR – boy, that’d be some orgy. lol.

Well, this is a fashion blog, so I’ll just go on to the fashion bit.

Valentine’s Day!!! What to wear, or what not to wear.

Red is the universally acclaimed colour of love, and so we’re all going with red on Val’s Day. How about Val’s night? Yea, of course I’m going there…from red to pink to black, the options are endless. Whether you like to play it safe, or spice it up with some kinky, there’s something for you….

For more, check out http://www.dcradleunderwear.com/collections/vals-day-gifts-our-suggestions


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