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Valentine is a period of love, passion, emotions and dates. Ladies must look their best this period (and always) if they are expecting a date. Get your make-up to work for you. By this I mean, enhance your facial features and hide the imperfections. Let’s look at some few tips.

THE FACE: Keeping in mind that you don’t want to look “overdone” for your date, the key to achieving this is to have a flawless skin. Since some of us are not born with naturally flawless skin, we can damn well fake it! The first thing you would need is foundation and the trick is to use the kind that has a matte finish to it.
-Start by applying the foundation all over the face.
-Blend into the hair line, ears and under the chin.
-Apply the concealer to dark circles under the eyes and any other problem areas.
-Note also that the foundation should have a matte finish as well.
-Then apply powder for a lustrous finish. Dab all over the face but not too much.

THE EYES: This is perhaps the most important element of your face. A lady’s eyes command attention. Your beau (or husband) will likely be staring into them all night. Here’s how to achieve what I call the not so smokey smokey eye for that soft and lustrous look.

-Pencil the eye round with a dark brown pencil, drawing the line from the temple to the bridge of the nose. The line should be as close to the inner eyelid edge as possible otherwise you’d risk looking like a panda.
-Blend the pencil in well with a precision angel brush.
-Apply the beige eye shadow right on the pencilled line. Beige eye shadow is to fix the created effect and to add the smoky looks to your eyes. Cover the lid with the same eye shadow.
-Apply the deep brown shadow in the outer corner of the eye and blend into the crease of the eye. Also apply lightly the egg shell shadow from the top of the crease to the base of the eye brow and blend well.
-To finish off, use a triple coating of mascara.

THE CHEEKS: For this conspicuous feature of your face, you could use baby pinks and light bronzers. This however, depends on the shape of your face.
-If you have a round face, apply blush to the hollow of your cheeks.
-If your face is a bit long, you apply the blush on the cheek bones.

THE LIPS: Your best bet is to use nudes, soft pinks and lilacs. However, your gloss shouldn’t be too sticky.

So there you are – your perfect make-up for a Val date!


ISILOMO BRAIMOH is a young and talented lady who has been in make-up artistry for a while. She owns Adonis Airoso. She is currently studying International Relations in a private University.
For more enquiries, reach her on: twinsisbraimoh@hotmail.com


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A fashion blogger and stylist with an inextinguishable zeal for fashion. Founder/Editor-in-Chief, www.PassionistaHub.com. Catch me on Twitter @itsMrCornells

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