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Rihanna has come a long way from her days as the sweet little teenage pop star. The lady who once proclaimed herself as “Good Girl Gone Bad”, has done tremendously in the area of fashion and style. From her hair to make-up to nails and personal style, she has been able to establish herself as a lady of style. When you see Rihanna’s make up, two things come to mind: colour and incredibly flawless skin.

Colour: When I say colour, you usually find it more pronounced around her eyes. Rihanna’s eye make up is for the bold and the daring. Experiment with colours like: lemon, bright green, deep lilac, etc. The key to not looking like a clown is blending. Take little amount of eye shadow and blend. Note how she uses coloured eye liners and mascaras.

Lips: Her lips are always so bright in red, orange, pink, purple and even lemon green. The best way to adopt this look is to try different colours privately and see whet works best for you.
As for her skin, read my first post on achieving “soft and lustrous look” for more tips. It’s a Valentine-themed post. In subsequent posts, I’ll be teaching you how to get great skin all round not only for your face

Finally, since my job is to blog about all things BEAUTY, I have to rave about Rihanna’s nails. They are just amazing to me. The long talon like hawk nails totally completes her. The colours she uses are so chic and playful. If you are not sure how to handle nails that long, try shorter nails and experiment with colours. You will definitely find what works best.

We’ll end here for now. See you guys again soon.



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