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Hi ladies, you hear of so many ways to take care of your skin – using special concoctions, mixtures and all that. Truth is, the pathway to a healthy skin is easy. Here are a few easy steps.

Glowing skin: Every girl's dream

1. Discover your skin type
When it comes to skin types, there are basically five categories: sensitive, oily, combination, normal, and dry. There are particular products that should be used for each skin type. For example, oily skin would require a foamy facial wash while for sensitive skin, I suggest you go to a dermatologist to find out the product that works best for you.

2. Cleanse Daily
Cleansing your skin daily will help to remove makeup and impurities. It will also be effective in removing dirt, dust and any pollutants to which it was exposed. When washing the face in particular, use lukewarm water.

The skin on the face is the most sensitive of the whole body. So I recommend that while you use a specific kind of soap for your skin you use another kind of soap for your face – one that is milder. It is good to exfoliate the whole body at least once in two weeks. Don’t be too vigorous though, especially on the face.

3. Moist Skin = Healthy Skin
Having a moist skin is another essential skin care tip. Remember that we do not want to overexpose our skin to water either. Shower time should be limited to a length of ten minutes. Longer periods of time will expose your skin and can actually take away from your skin’s moisture. Remember, not to rub your towel against your skin, this friction is not beneficial for your skin. When drying off from a shower, pat your skin- don’t rub. While your skin is still damp, apply moisturizers.

4. Use sunscreen!
Daily use of sunscreen will help to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. I find that Nigerians conclude that since most of the population is dark skin there is no need for sun block. This notion is so wrong. Sun block should be applied multiple times a day when needed. Overexposing your skin to the sun without proper skin protection, can cause the appearance of age spots, sun spots, brown spots or wrinkles.

5. Exercising, Water and Sleep
Our skin’s overall health can be improved through exercising and allowing your body to get the proper amount of sleep. Exercise can help to improve your skin’s appearance by reducing sagging. Allowing your body to get the appropriate amount of sleep, at least seven to eight hours can help your skin ward off wrinkles. Moreover, working out consistently can help alleviate stress. Also, drinking the right amount of water enhances the elasticity of one’s skin.

Don't compromise your sleeping hours. Ideally, 7-8 hours is okay.

6.Eat well
If you eat well you will have glowing skin. Eat different foods rich in antioxidants found in fruits. It’s nice to eat out once in a while but be careful. Avoid foods that are too oily.
We will end here today. This is just “Part One” of series of posts I’ll be doing on skin care. Look out for subsequent posts.


ISILOMO BRAIMOH is a young and talented lady who has been in make-up artistry for a while. She owns Adonis Airoso. She is currently studying International Relations in a private University in Nigeria.
For enquiries, reach her on: twinsisbraimoh@hotmail.com


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