Hey ladies as promised, this is your post on how to chose your skin care products and how to truly know your skin type. Hope you enjoy this.

While the typical categories of oily, dry, and combination skin are good basics, they don’t address the variety of other problems. Things like acne, sun damage, or eczema don’t really determine your skin type. Your skin type can change and can be affected by everything from the weather to your stress levels (even your period). The issue is, it is crucial to know all these because we must understand that different skin types require different product formula.

What Influences Your Skin Type?

Almost everything can influence skin type – both external and internal elements can impact the way your skin looks and feels. To effectively evaluate your skin type here are some of the factors that need to be considered, because it’s possible that your skin is simply reacting to influences that are easily isolated or are within your control. These are some of the factors:
-Skin Disorders
-Genetic Predisposition
-Smoking & Secondhand Smoke
-Your Skin-Care Routine
-Unprotected/Prolonged Sun Exposure

Ingredients in Products That Can Worsen The Skin
What many people don’t realize is that the products they use can be damaging thereby creating the very skin issue they are trying to resolve. For example, many products for treating acne contain high amounts of alcohol or other irritating ingredients (peppermint, menthol, citrus) which dry and irritate your skin, triggering more oil production!

It would be very difficult to know your skin type if you keep using harmful skin products. For example, if you are using products that contain irritants you can create dry skin and still make your oily skin worse (think dry skin on top, oily underneath).
Here are some frequent offenders found in all types of skin-care products:
-Thick Emollients
-Pore-Clogging Waxes
-Abrasive Scrubbing Agents
-Harsh/Drying Cleansing Agents
-Irritants (both organic & synthetic)

How to Identify Your Real Skin Type
Once you’ve ruled out controllable factors and rid your routine of problematic ingredients, you’re getting closer to being able to determine your actual skin type. A good thing to keep in mind is that almost everyone at some time or another has combination skin. This is because the central part of the face has more oil glands.

Ok ladies, I have tried to be as be as explanatory as possible. We will end today. Watch out for my next post!
Happy weekend, guys.


ISILOMO BRAIMOH is a young and talented lady who has been in make-up artistry for a while. She owns Adonis Airoso. She is currently studying International Relations in a private University in Nigeria.
For enquiries on knowing your skin please contact her on: twinsisbraimoh@hotmail.com or follow her on Twitter @princess_adonis



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  3. Wait ten minutes after washing your face without using moisturizer afterwords. If your face feels tight, then you have dry skin, if your face looks or feels a little oily, then you probably have oily skin.

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