If you don’t know the man I’m about to profile, then you’re on a long thing! He’s not only a fashionista passionista, but he’s also a record producer, singer, actor, television host, fashion designer, rapper and of course, the former valet of P. Diddy. I won’t be profiling him on “all fronts”; I’ll be delving into his style persona and why I love his style. Fonzworth Bentley stops at nothing less other than remaining progressively suave and dapper! He’s everything a style-conscious bloke love to see. Well, not everyone will agree with me (on the last point). But, take a look at some of his pictures.

A simple but dapper look of Mr. Bentley. Note his play on colours and the satchel briefcase too, a style staple for every fashion-conscious guy.

At the 17th Annual Kid's Choice Awards looking dapper as usual!

At BET 2010 Event

Trying out a "monochrome combo"

Showing himself as an "ultra modern" man, something for ladies to smile about.

So guys, need I say more about this 21st century metrosexual’s unadulterated style?

Happy weekend. Catch fun (if you can).


About Mr. Cornells

A fashion blogger and stylist with an inextinguishable zeal for fashion. Founder/Editor-in-Chief, www.PassionistaHub.com. Catch me on Twitter @itsMrCornells


  1. Uh. LoVE. He’s fashion sense is so fun. Alofa from Apia uso.

  2. He’s positively adorable! He makes men’s fashion fun again.

  3. The man who put together P.Diddy’s urbane look for years is not too shabby himself. Loving it!

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