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If you have not been following my updates on I-GASP, Nigeria’s top shoe consultancy company, I’m afraid, you’ve been missing a lot. I-GASP LTD. recently held an exhibition at The Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Nigeria which had on display T & F Slack shoes, Cambridge brogues and a Mozart to mention but a few. Today, another shoe brand has been added to I-GASP LTD and it is MR HARE’S.

According to the CEO., I-GASP LTD., Mr. Nduka,

Ever since Marc Hare started making shoes, he has had in me a big follower. His shoes are very different to other designer brands and he is not afraid to break the mould. He doesn’t do things in halves and he has built a very strong image amongst fashion enthusiasts with this approach. Everybody does patent shoes because they are the most desirable dress shoes in the market: it is like an unwritten rule.

Mr. Hare’s shoes available at I-GASP include (but not limited to) glazed shoes, two-toned shoes, bump/chiselled toe slip-ons and Vibram soles shoes. Whatever your style cravings are, there’s something for the quintessential gentleman who has unadulterated style.

So as always, you can either shop for these shoes at Selfridges London, Harrods or with I-GASP LTD.!

I-GASP LTD. is a shoe consultancy/retail company owned by Kelechi Nduka who is passionate about addressing the sartorial problem of men’s footwear. Services of I-GASP include:
(i) Personal shopping
(ii) i-gasp club
(iii) Shoe consultancy.
The company is a registered trademark of I-GASP FOOTWEARS COMPANY LIMITED in Nigeria.
Registered Office: 38 Nuru Oniwo Street, Aguda Surulere, Lagos State.
TIN Registration number: 12104792-0001 Company registered in Nigeria, number: 1013022.

N/B: All shoes captured above are selectively published by the blogger. For information on more shoes, please contact:
info@i-gasp.com or call: +2348165939534, +997939997457.

Kelechi Nduka


About Mr. Cornells

A fashion blogger and stylist with an inextinguishable zeal for fashion. Founder/Editor-in-Chief, www.PassionistaHub.com. Catch me on Twitter @itsMrCornells


  1. Wooooow amazing shoes!!

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