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During the Etisalat Rebranding show that had me styling Emmy Collins‘ models, I spotted and approached a lady in houndstooth. We got talking and she shared with me her passion for fashion. Tinuola “Tintin” Alassan, the lady in question also had on her a black fedora hat to complete the look. I really love the ‘tude she carried that day!

Be creative and go beyond the classic "black n white"

Not everyone can rock this duotone fabric. You have to be creative and learn to “think outside the box”. Actually, we have houndstooth in various colours, thereby giving us more options to experiment. From houndstooth dresses, to skirts, to heels, mufflers, clutches, etc. there’s some accessory for you to try on a day like Sunday morning. Without much ado, I’d like to start giving tips.

For anything houndstooth, ladies and gents, start by amassing houndstooth accessories like mufflers, bowties, shoes, jackets, pantyhoses, handbags, etc. You will need to pair some of these in plain black outfits. For instance, pairing a houndstooth “swing” jacket with a black pencil skirt and black pumps is a nice idea to explore. There other ideas to explore as well. Just think of them.

Houndstooth "swing" jacket by Michael Kors

For ladies who want a “classic look”, note that pearls really work well with houndstooth dresses. Don’t pair your houndstooth dress with gold or silver necklaces. This will make insignificant statement. So, to make a bold statement, adorn nice pearls. This will give you a classic vintage look.

Depending on your individual style, don’t wear more than two houndstooth accessories on a dressing. The reason is, houndstooths are bold prints. To jumble three houndstooth pieces will make your fashion statement a bit contrived. However, you could break the rules to make fashion statements, but don’t just look outrageous in the process. Remember how Lady Gaga made a controversial fashion statement in houndstooth several months back?

If you’ve got some black bodycon dress, or a nice black lace dress with matching heels on you, try out a houndstooth clutch and/or hats (suitable for Sunday service). Like I noted earlier, avoid throwing in more than two houndstooth pieces at a time.

For ladies with long and shapely legs, you could get a houndstooth pleated skirt. To add some sensual note, get sheer pantyhose (if you’re light in complexion).

A pleated skirt for leggy ladies

It’s not a sin to dress sexily for Sunday morning service. You simply want to make a statement. Right?

Of course, a man can rock houndstooth too. However, this has to be in accessories like bowties, belts, slip-ons, blazers, golf pants, etc. Like I keep saying, avoid many accessories jumbled together for a single outfit.

An accessory for your plain black or white slim fit pants.

For instance, wearing a houndstooth belt over a black pair of slim fit pants is snazzy. Also, a houndstooth bowtie worn over a white shirt with long sleeve v-neck sweater says a lot about your style as a man. There are many options to explore.


So guys, need I explain more about this trendy fabric? Try out a houndstooth piece piece today!
Have a nice day!


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