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OK guys, it was a devastatingly hectic weekend for us at PassionistaHub! We made it to Mimi Lee London Event at Lekki, then to a model friend’s birthday gig at QLOUNGE, then to Mimi London Afterparty at AUTO LOUNGE and finally another birthday gig at Lekki before wrapping up for the night.

Pics from Mimi Lee London Launch are out already on our online magazine. Please endeavour to have a “sneak peek” and also share the pics with friends. Other pics from the aforementioned events will be out this week, hopefully. Talking of events, we couldn’t make it to LPM on Sunday, 27th taking place at GET Arena, Lagos. I’m feeling bad because I told Tolu “Tols” Onabanjo (of Toseki Vintage) I’d be making it to their May Edition of LPM. We’re watching out for the nearest edition! 😀

Models: DAVID GQ, BINTA SANI and ALEX (Mr. Martini) at LOVE AGANGA’S birthday gig.

At the moment, we’re finding the week really hectic. Ever since Ms. Bello wrote us asking us to contribute  on anything ManStyle for her magazine it has been a bit difficult picking the right articles! Oh, and today is the deadline? *phew*. We’ll do our best to submit the articles ASAP. So, watch out for them

For now, we’ll end here. We have lots to do this week as we herald Summer Trends. Keep checking our online magazine for juicy posts. There are tons of them to while away your time with.

Hava nice time, pals!

Mr. Cornells,




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A fashion blogger and stylist with an inextinguishable zeal for fashion. Founder/Editor-in-Chief, www.PassionistaHub.com. Catch me on Twitter @itsMrCornells


  1. Busy is good… Means you are doing something right 😉

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